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Experienced Digital Marketers who will be sharing their expert secrets to help you expand your thinking and make smarter SEO , digital marketing and business decisions.

Halimat Olatunji

Social Media & Influencing Marketing Manager @ JumiaNG

From Followers To Fans: Utilizing social media for brand growth & recognition

Building an impactful brand identity that attracts and engages your ideal audience requires understanding social media role in successful brand positioning.  This talk will  walk you through how to  incorporate social media and effectively connect with your target audience and strengthen your business.

Munene Mumbi

SEO & Innovation Manager @Wordlift

SEO Reporting in 2024: How to Track, Measure and Communicate SEO Results to Your Clients

Learn ways to identify key metrics that inform your projects  and communicate SEO results to different stakeholders, .e.g. small business owners, marketing managers, c-suite execs etc..

Lily Ugbaja

Founder, Head of Marketing @ Marketing Cyborg

Content writers often face challenges with new topics but there are strategies to bridge the knowledge gap and still produce high-quality, engaging content.

In this talk, Lily Ugbaja will share her framework to help writers create content that resonates with audiences.

Goodness Azubuogu

SEO Specialist @Trek Marketing


SEO Consultant @ SearchPivot Digital


Founder Of PPCLive UK

Ecommerce business in Africa - Utilizing Organic Search to Drive Local Business Revenue

This talk is designed to provide actionable insights and strategies for African e-commerce businesses to utilize Google’s organic search to their advantage, attract targeted traffic, and improve revenue.

Beyond Ranking: Maximising Tech SEO for Improved Users Experience

This talk explores how optimizing technical SEO can create a smooth and enjoyable experience for users visiting your website and search engine.


Be prepared for a journey through the past and present landscape of paid search. And Gain insight into 5 enduring paid search strategies that leads to success.

Panel Discussion

Policy Shifts and Profits: How African Businesses Can Embrace Digital Marketing for Growth

Eghosa Fredrick

Head Of Search @AskYourPDF

Halimat Olatunji

Social Media & Influencing Marketing Manager @Jumia Nigeria

Anuoluwapo Agboke

Marketing & Corporate Communications Officer @Transcorp Hotels Plc

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